Current Rebs Alumni Partners Members

Rebs Alumni Partners

Rebs Partners was born as another section within Rebs Alumni.

Not all students and companies in the Rebs ecosystem have the same needs , and that is why we opened two new spaces designed for you if what you need is to be seen and heard by the entire ecosystem that the School offers you.

auditorium-rebs alumni-13-07

Auditorium Space

Our enormous assembly hall, with more than 5,000 seats, so that you can be seen and heard by the entire Rebs ecosystem. Space reserved for Partners who understand and support the work carried out by the School to promote the real estate sector with their training, research and personal and business experiences. Members of Rebs Auditorium will be able to participate in all actions carried out by Real Estate Business School, will enjoy the advantages included in all Rebs Alumni Spaces and will have a place as speakers at in-person and digital meetings for alumni.

Annual fee: €15,000

Rebs Space 20

The best of our “Building”. Select business club that enjoys all the products and services of all Rebs Alumni spaces, but few members are selected to occupy one of the “Nominative Seats” reserved in this ambitious Space, guaranteed by Rebs, for entrepreneurs who need to share , with confidence and discretion, your dreams and projects with interlocutors of the same level to do business, or develop ad-hoc research projects.

It does not imply an obligation to always contract with the members of this Space, but rather each proposal, action, offer or business intention is studied and investigated by Rebs to fit it, or not, with one of the member companies. Rebs’ role is limited to supervising that the proposals and negotiations are carried out with the greatest honesty and good practices possible to try to ensure that they reach a successful conclusion between the companies involved.

Annual fee: €20,000

REBS 20. Espacio exclusivo y nominativo de REBS Alumni