¿Qué es REBS Alumni?

What is REBS Alumni?


Being a member of this important Network means continuing to share added value, creating your own synergies and remaining among the elite at the forefront of Real Estate.

Miguel Ángel Medina Jiménez-Andrades, Director of Rebs Alumni

Rebs Alumni is the network of Real Estate Business School alumni who share values ​​and philosophy common to the School and want to continue expanding knowledge, sharing exclusive experiences and business opportunities with the rest of Rebs alumni. Thus, Rebs Alumni is the largest ecosystem of professionals that brings together the entire value chain of the real estate sector .

Located in an exclusive “building” designed by and for the best architects that make up the Real Estate Business School ecosystem , our students, teachers and researchers, collaborators and partners. Belonging to this network means attending exclusive activities, being in contact with the best national Real Estate companies, special discounts on training programs and, ultimately, keeping in touch with all the members who are part of Rebs .

Rebs Alumni is the factory that combines the training, business and 360º experiences of Real Estate Business School, online and in person, which allows you to surf to your liking through the knowledge and experiences of the space you choose from any of those included in the building. that Rebs Alumni has built for you and your company . We treat our entire ecosystem with the same consideration and importance, but not all people and entities have the same dreams, objectives, concerns or needs . Discover, choose and invest in your Rebs Alumni space in the following button.