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Master / MBA Real Estate

What the Real Estate MBA gives you

Acquire a comprehensive vision of the real estate sector and expand your skills

Stay at the forefront
of innovative business models

Personalized mentoring to transform ideas into real real estate projects

Adapt to the new conditions of the real estate market and make a difference

Join the largest network of professionals in the Real Estate value chain

Analyze real cases with reference companies and visit real projects

In-person and digital meetings with market players

Strengthen your decision making and enhance your management skills

Adapted to market needs

Some companies in the Ecosystem

Acquire a 360º vision of the sector

Evolution, trends and prospects of the real estate market


This module is aimed at  achieving a global strategic vision of the new  national and international real estate market, analyzing the perspectives of the Sector, which agents are involved and how they operate with each of them (now and in the future):


  • Brief recent history of the Spanish real estate market.
  • Economic environment: National, European and international.
  • The current real estate market: Where are we headed? Presentation of the Real Estate Heart Rate Monitor Latest edition.
  • Analysis of new business models in Real Estate.

Analysis of demand needs


Train professionals in the new paradigms of Real Estate, aimed at identifying and analyzing client profiles, how to reach them and discover their needs and interests, thus allowing the student to carry out projects according to people, ensuring the commercialization and profitability of the projects. .

Offer market Players who are part of the REBS Ecosystem a national network, with knowledge and management capacity in local markets, and who know how to minimize commercial and financial risks thanks to the Demand Analysis methodology, and urban planners and technicians for their professional training.


    • How to identify customers with similar needs: SWOT Analysis and Market Segmentation
    • Importance of analyzing the needs of the population to reach demand
    • Demand analysis and customer profiles
    • Analysis of practical cases

Urban planning and real estate developments


The great challenge of the Urban Planning and Real Estate Development module is to generate strategic vision capacity for the design of the optimal urban development of each land, evaluating and monitoring the different legal, political, technical, commercial, fiscal, commercial and financial variables that affect each sale operation, contribution, donation, compensation, surface right, etc., all in order to maximize the profitability of each operation, according to its purchase, acquisition, award values, gross value, net accounting value, etc.


  • Essential urban concepts
  • Spanish urban planning law: Evolution from state to regional legislation
  • Urban planning: General and development
  • Urban management
  • Urban action systems: Compensation Boards, Agreements and other figures according to each Autonomous Community
  • Sectoral legislation
  • Urban planning and environment
  • Action on Non-Developable Land
  • Licenses and urban discipline
  • Analysis of practical cases
  • Round table with the main actors of Land in Spain

Commercial management and real estate marketing


Understanding what the client needs and how to get to them is essential to ensure the viability of a real estate project.

As a consequence of the  demands and needs of new customer profiles , together with the advancement and development of new technologies, in the Commercial Management and Real Estate Marketing module, beyond the general theory, you  will learn about the particularities and specific techniques for the product. and real estate client  from the practical perspective of reference companies that are applying it today , both in cases of success and failure.


  • Marketing in the company
  • Commercial research and market studies
  • Marketing plan: Strategic and operational
  • Commercial plan
  • Real Estate Marketing Strategies
  • Digital marketing
  • International marketing
  • Business alliances
  • Analysis of practical cases

Proptech, innovation & digital business


Digital language is complex and constantly evolving. In this module we address innovation and technology to adapt our strategies to a digital environment in competing successfully and the different processes inherent to any real estate development, seeking their efficiency   and  sustainability to achieve a significant improvement in reducing lead times. execution and costs , through the different existing tools.


  • Innovation as a competitive force
  • Transformation and Digital Strategy for Real Estate companies
  • Fintech Vs. Proptech
  • Big Data Analytics & Blockchain
  • New technologies applied to the Real Estate Sector
  • Virtual, mixed and augmented reality
  • Digitization of Urban Planning
  • Internet of Things
  • Real estate finance and taxation


    Faced with a much more demanding Sector in terms of professional qualifications and the wide variety of financial players and the emergence of new alternatives due to the difficulties in accessing bank financing for new real estate developments, a deep knowledge of the sector is more necessary than ever  . financial language . Much more so is  knowing what alternatives I have and how I can finance new developments in the market situation we live in .

    Today more than ever , the updating of real estate market values, treasury forecast and project financing needs, design of new products according to  customer needs  and adjustment of cash provisions according to the pre-sales rhythms defined in The commercial plan is  key to the development of new real estate concepts, maximizing their IRR , where the economic-financial support will mark the natural selection of each project  based on the margins of maneuver provided for each variable that affects viability. of real estate projects.


    • Financial and accounting fundamentals
    • Economic-financial analysis: Cash-flow, financial and economic ratios and break-even point
    • Keys to pre-feasibility and measurement of Real Estate Risks
    • Financial management tools: NPV, IRR, Payback and profitability
    • Real Estate Valuation
    • Investment analysis
    • Investment vehicles: SOCIMIs and REITs
    • How to finance real estate projects: traditional banking, private equities, investment vehicles, crowdfunding and crowdlending
    • Types of Investment Funds and what they look for
    • Feasibility analysis of land and projects
    • Analysis of practical cases
    • Round table with Debt Fund, Fintech and Financial Entities
  • Comprehensive management of real estate projects


    The Real Estate Project Management module is aimed at managing real estate projects throughout their entire life cycle, taking into account the most relevant aspects from the early phases of the project to the delivery and start-up of the asset. To this end, students are prepared to know the feasibility analysis tools for making the decision to invest, management of the design phases, pre-construction, monitoring and control in the execution phase and deactivation and closure of the project.


    • Agents involved in the real estate business
    • Analysis of the complete real estate process
    • Real estate project planning
    • Project Management
    • Asset Management
    • Time and cost management
    • The process of deactivating real estate projects
    • The role of the Project Manager: Residential, Retail, Offices, Real Estate, Logistics, Shopping Centers and Tourism-Hotels
    • Analysis of taxes applicable to real estate transactions
    • Real estate contracts

Management of housing cooperatives


It carries out new real estate developments , proposing  financial alternatives  according to the size of the projects and the solvency of the members of the  Housing Cooperatives .

Generate new projects as a Housing Cooperative  manager  or be part of a multidisciplinary team  that meets the needs of a  solvent and segmented demand .


  • Urban planning and legal-fiscal regulation of housing cooperatives
  • Roadmap of the participatory project management company
  • Housing Cooperative Concept
  • The management company for the management of viable projects
  • Keys to the success of the Viability of Real Estate Projects
  • Analysis of success stories

Management of high performance teams


A module aimed at  training managers who must lead companies in the new real estate market .


  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Advanced negotiation
  • Time management
  • Team management
  • Analysis of Cases of companies, teams and people who have achieved it, sharing their experiences

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