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The Real Estate Marketing and Commercialization Expert (MIC) is an intensive online program that will allow you to adapt your strategies to market preferences . You will learn the differentiating elements of each customer and product profile to understand what the customer needs and know through which channels to reach them.

In the current market situation, it is essential to ensure the sales rate of a company or real estate development . This program will allow you to learn about the particularities and specific techniques for the real estate product and client from the practical perspective of reference companies that are applying it today, both in cases of success and failure.

What does MIC give you?


Learn about the strategies and tactics of leading companies that are working today.


We analyze the SWOT of your project or company with you and tutor the development of the marketing plan.


Te ayudamos a mejorar el ritmo de ventas. We help you improve the sales rate. You will learn about the possibilities that Big Data and new technologies offer you.


Join the largest network of professionals in the Real Estate value chain, generating business and contacts.


Learn about the strategies and tactics of leading companies that are working today.


We analyze the SWOT of your project or company with you and tutor the development of the marketing plan.


We help you improve the sales rate. You will learn about the possibilities that Big Data and new technologies offer you.


Join the largest network of professionals in the Real Estate value chain, generating business and contacts.

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Who joins us

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Real Estate Marketing and Commercialization Faculty

Real estate networking

We are the only Business School specialized in Real Estate, which guarantees you to be in contact with more than 15,000 people from the entire value chain within our Ecosystem, thus promoting synergies with students, thanks to the digital tools used in the classroom, and with the rest of the Rebs ecosystem in face-to-face and online meetings, masterclasses, project visits, lunches and other activities organized by Rebs Alumni.

Who is MIC aimed at?

To professionals in the sector who want to master this subject to minimize commercial and financial risks, by ensuring demand before starting new developments, and making differences in the real estate projects they manage on their own or on behalf of others. Likewise, there will be a place for general marketing professionals who wish to specialize in the real estate sector, both professionally and as a communication agency, and university students who feel attracted to this discipline and the demands of new real estate developments.

By activity

These are the main activities to which the students who carry out the Real Estate Marketing Expert are dedicated.

Real Estate Marketing and Commercialization Expert Methodology



In which the teacher will develop his subject and you can attend in person, streaming or online. You will receive the documentation in PDF. In online mode, you will be able to access the videos, recorded in 4K, and the documentation of each of the sessions through the virtual platform whenever you want and from wherever you want, being able to adapt the calendar to your needs. In person and streaming mode, you will receive the calendar once you formalize your registration. In this case, you will receive the documentation one week before each session.


You will be able to develop the marketing plan for your project with what you learned during the Real Estate Marketing and Marketing Program. The faculty will tutor you and advise you in its development.


The faculty, with extensive experience in the areas of marketing and sales in recognized real estate companies in the sector, will be at your disposal for whatever you need.


Every year, in-person and virtual masterclasses are held, which you can optionally attend to learn first-hand about existing developments, in addition to promoting synergies, business opportunities and networking among students.

Real Estate Marketing and Commercialization Contents

  • What is not marketing?
  • Strategic and operational marketing.
  • The variables of the marketing mix: evolution. P’s of marketing.
  • Positioning / Branding, Price, Product, Distribution.
  • Promotion: practical case of Marketing actions during the product life cycle.
  • New trends in real estate marketing.
  • Relationship of exchange and seduction.
  • Real estate marketing approaches: relational, traditional and social.
  • The Real Estate Marketing plan.
  • Market orientation in marketing.
  • Real estate market and demand studies.
  • Real estate demand factors.
  • Demography and population movements.
  • Obsolescence and improvement.
  • Investment and residential tourism.
  • Economic capacity of the plaintiff.
  • Demand incentive policy.
  • Study methodology.
  • The digital client.
  • Marketing Concepts.
  • Digital ecosystem, own and social channels.
  • Amplifiers, SEO, SEM, Social Ads.
  • Example of strategies and action plan.
  • Introduction to business research, macro data and population.
  • Sectoral data: Development, appraisal companies, banks.
  • Analysis of the competition.
  • Introduction demand analysis and quantitative studies.
  • Qualitative studies of demand and Big Data.
  • Introduction to the strategic plan.
  • Strategic marketing plan
  • Market analysis.
  • Branding, Habitat.
  • Communication strategy, clients, products, price and distribution.
  • Business idea.
  • Model the idea.
  • Market study.
  • Marketing plan, economic plan and operations plan.
  • Business alliances that multiply benefits.
  • Innovation is an organization-wide process.
  • The importance of CEO leadership.
  • Cultural change.
  • Talent identification.
  • Creation of new physical spaces.
  • Importance of processes.
  • Resources and budgets.
  • How to value CSR and innovation.
  • Virtual, mixed and augmented reality.
  • Infrastructure construction.
  • HoloLens2
  • D365 and Remote Assist
  • Layout
  • Measurement and 3D generation.
  • Operation and maintenance.
  • What is the internet of things.
  • Because it is important.
  • How it applies to the real estate sector.
  • Who is Taylor Wimpey and what does she do?
  • Preliminary phase.
  • Market analysis.
  • The analysis of the external conditions that affect the future project.
  • Define what audience we are going to sell to.
  • Definition of the product to sell.
  • Definition of the pricing strategy.
  • The commercialization and marketing plan.
  • General analysis. Successes, failures, aspects to improve in future projects.
  • Strategic marketing plan.
  • Market analysis.
  • The commercial plan.
  • Reports.
  • Promotion and marketing of New Construction.
  • Practical case of marketing of New Construction.
  • Havalook.

New Construction Marketing Round Table

Key aspects in the Marketing of Emblematic projects

  • Metaverse.
  • How to build customer loyalty through Digital Marketing?
  • Marketing plan.
  • Environment and competition analysis.
  • Definition of the target customer.
  • Analysis of the rental product – Value proposition.
  • Strategy Definition: On and off line action plan.
  • Sales funnel and Tour points.
  • Kpis Report and Analysis.
  • Customer Experience.
  • What is a data center?
  • Growth fundamentals.
  • Market in Europe and Spain.
  • Types of Data Centers.
  • Technical characteristics of Data Centers.
  • Fundamental concepts.
  • Key Variables to Define a New Construction Rate.
  • Commercial Rate Structure.
  • Launch Strategy.
  • Practical Case.
  • Marketing Strategy and Repricing Policy.
  • Commercial Monitoring and Control.
  • And the Demand? Let’s find her.
  • Strategic vision of marketing.
  • Time process from planning to delivery.
  • Pre-marketing: how to do a good market study, define the product and its differential aspects and plan the strategy.
  • Internal or external marketing and marketing in new construction.
  • Definition and monitoring of objectives. The conversion funnel.
  • Customer journey, CRM and Voice of Client.
  • Delivery and after-sales.
  • Basic Concepts and Definitions.
  • Residential Market in Spain Phases of the Marketing Process.
  • Study Techniques to improve the product.
  • Documentation for the Commercial Launch.
  • Commercial Argument.
  • Sales and Media Plan.
  • Ratios and Reporting.
  • Sales strategy.
  • Commercial proposal.
  • Income tax.
  • Wealth Tax.
  • Inheritance tax and donations.
  • Corporation tax.
  • VAT
  • ITP and AJD
  • Municipal taxation.
  • Preparatory acts.
  • Purchase and Sale Execution.
  • Arras pact.
  • Modalities and other contracts.
  • Lease Contract and Private Contract.
  • What is urban planning?
  • Urban discipline.
  • Urban Management.

Real Estate Market Valuation

Registration process

1. Send registration

If you are interested, you must complete and send the registration before the deadline, indicating the modality and the reason why you want to participate in the Real Estate Marketing and Marketing Expert program.

2. Place confirmation

The Program Director will contact you confirming your place reservation. If necessary, he will request the information he requires to confirm that you have the necessary training and experience for this program.

3. Formalize registration

Once you receive the email confirming your place from the Program Management, you will have to formalize the registration before the indicated deadline, sending by email the proof of the transfer and the payment method you choose.