Rebs Talent Scholarships

Real Estate Business School together with its partners reward the talent of men and women in Real Estate. With this objective, the Rebs scholarships exist to facilitate access to high-level management training in the real estate sector.

Who can apply for a Talent Scholarship

These scholarships have been designed with the objective of promoting the talent of professionals in the Real Estate Sector who want to advance in their professional career or want to start a career in the sector. The endowment of a “ talent scholarship” can cover 50% of the registration fee for the Real Estate Master’s Degree and 33% of the registration fee for an Expert Program.

Requirements to apply for the scholarship:

  • Pass admission interview for the program you are applying for.

Apply for scholarship


It is important that, if you belong to a professional association, you detail this in the application form, as well as if you are a member of a national professional association.

Selection process

The candidate must formalize, duly completed, the scholarship application. Applications that are incomplete, those that arrive outside the established deadline, or those that do not meet the requirements established for candidates applying for scholarships will be eliminated.

Once the list of candidates has been received, a Selection Committee will evaluate them, creating a prioritized list, which will take into account:

  1. The personal and employment situation of the applicant.
  2. Their capabilities, objectives and proposals.

This Committee will be made up of, at least:

  • One or two representatives of Rebs partners.
  • One or two representatives of the Program Management.

Real Estate Business School will notify the candidate of the granting or denial of the scholarship, indicating, in the first case, the maximum period to confirm acceptance of the same and the way to do so.

Documentation to present

If you are a beneficiary of a scholarship, you will be asked for the documentation indicated in each scholarship, in addition to what the School deems necessary to verify that you meet the parameters set out in the application.

Once the formal acceptance of the scholarship is received under the conditions established by Real Estate Business School and the requested documentation, the scholarship will be awarded, beginning the necessary procedures for the incorporation of the scholarship recipient into the program. Candidates whose documentation is not received within the deadlines indicated in the scholarship award communication will lose their scholarship.

The Selection Committee reserves the right to request any documentation necessary to confirm the veracity of the data provided.